RSI Swiftwater Kit

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The RSI Swiftwater Kit is here! Everything you need to conduct a safe, streamlined water rescue is packed into two bags. Part One holds rigging and 150' of 7/16" HR3 river rope and features a zip off front, seperating the rope and the rigging into two different parts. Part Two is a floating rope bag, holding an additional 150' of the same rope. A card listing the components fits in the front pocket, making sure nothing is left behind while packing up. 


1 Rigging (Part One)- R&B Fabrications

1 Floating Rope Bag (Part Two)- R&B Fabrications


7/16 X 300’ HR3 Hybrid River Rescue Rope - Bluewater Ropes

(150’ in each bag)

3 Prusiks - Bluewater Ropes

1 - RSI 6ft Omni Sling

1 - RSI 10ft Omni Sling


6 - Kinetic Twistlock, Orange - SMC

4 Force Oval, Bright - SMC

2 Crossover Dual-Lock, Blue - SMC


1 - RSI Rigging Plate

1 - RSI Purple Rigging Pulley

1 - RSI 2” Blue Rescue Pulley

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