RSI Omni Sling

Size: 2ft.
Color: Black
Sale price$21.00


The Exclusive RSI Omni Sling is comprised of a unique webbing which is constructed with 2" long slots separated by 1" of solid webbing. This makes Omni Sling the only rigging anchor slings that have a separate rigging point every 3 inches. Rigging slots are actually woven into the original webbing construction - NOT sewn. Sewn "daisy chain" rigging loops often fail at the stitch points below the sling's rated strength (most sewn "daisy chains" utilize 1" tubular webbing with a tensile strength of 4,000 lbs.).

The webbing used in Omni Sling has an ultimate tensile strength of 10,000 lbf. Tensile strength in the slots is 5,000 lbf. Omni Sling exceeds all standards and regulations for one person life support lines. When looped like a basket hitch, Omni Sling meets two person load requirements. 

Weight: 1.2 oz/ft. W.L.L. 500#

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