Disaster Relief Response

Rescue Systems, Inc. has the capability to respond to all kinds of natural disasters. We have teams that can assist with hurricane relief, flooding, wind damage, cleanup, and more. We have worked with other organizations across the country to help as needed. Contact Bobby Simmons via email to learn more or to partner with us.  bobby@rescuesystems.com  

In addition to rescue personnel, we can provide both technical rescue and heavy equipment for most any emergency situation. Skilled operators ensure safety and streamlined scene control. Contact Bobby Simmons or Joey Wirt for these services
Critical Incident Equipment Response
Large Animal Technical Rescue
RSI teams are trained and equipped to coordinate large animal rescue scenarios. 4Hooves Large Animal Rescue Services, LLC is also a great option to consider if you need any assistance with large animals. https://4hoovessmart.com
Contact Bobby Simmons   bobby@rescuesystems.com
 With years of heavy technical rescue and industrial experience RSI team members can offer knowledge, equipment, support and direction for a variety of rescue situations. We can provide remote guidance day or night.
Contact Bobby Simmons or Joey Wirt 
On Call Emergency Rescue Advisement
Confined Space
Rescue Systems, Inc has the needed equipment and training for confined space jobs large or small. If you need industrial or rescue confined space services, please contact Bobby Simmons.   bobby@rescuesystems.com
 In addition to our training partnerships, RSI is happy to collaborate with your workplace, fire department or other organization to provide onsite training on the use of our products. Utilizing hands on opportunities to display our products allows you to fully understand our equipment and use them safely and thoroughly. 
Contact Bobby Simmons or Joey Wirt 
Training Collaboration
Demo Trailers
Rescue Systems, Inc. offer demo trailer services. Containing displays of our products and other complimentary accessories, we can bring one of our trailers to your facility, training activity, and other events. A great way to learn more about the many uses of our quality products.
Contact Bobby Simmons or Joey Wirt
 Our innovative technical team can problem solve for you. Prototypes, adjustments to current products, and improving and expansion on old versions of equipment are among the many services we can provide. We love brainstorming with our customers and partners. While we do not provide design services, we work closely with local, professional machine shops and other manufacturing companies to make ideas come to life. Contact Bobby Simmons   bobby@rescuesystems.com
Product Consulting