Rescue Systems, Inc. is a family owned and operated company, providing products for emergency services organizations worldwide. We endeavor to manufacture the safest, most innovative, and highly dependable technical rescue hardware in the industry.

Known for it’s quality, our gear is designed to bring aid to a large variety of technical and industrial rescue scenarios. We aim to stand behind every product we make, and create relationships based on honesty, integrity and personal customer service.

RSI History & The Simmons Family 

Owning RSI has been a dream of ours for about 10 years. The opportunity to purchase the company was presented to us in the fall of 2019, and by January of 2020 we were the new owners of Rescue Systems, Inc. Much time and consideration has been put into the process of maintaining the quality and integrity that RSI has been known for since it's creation in the early 1980s. The challenge of making it ours, and respecting the history of the company in the precarious events of this year has been trying but we are confident and determined to continue building RSI by introducing new products and making the necessary adjustments as the industry changes. That has been the tradition for many years and we intend to carry that on.

As a family oriented business, our days include many different variables and responsibilities. We share three children, James, Bella, and Berkeley. Our philosophy has always been that involving them in everything we do will create a stronger future for them. When possible, they travel with us to disaster relief responses and training. We as a family look forward to many more years of success with Rescue Systems, Inc.
- Bobby and Ranelle Simmons