RSI A.T.E.P. (All Terrain Edge Protector)

Size: Standard A.T.E.P.
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RSI A.T.E.P. (All Terrain Edge Protector)

U.S. Patent # 4,869,466

An Innovation in rope protection. High stability flexible edge protector. Low profile (2.23 In.) allows litters to be easily raised over unit. Protects on all types of edges--90 degree building edges, boulders, cliffs, etc. It may be wrapped around steel beams and ends secured with carabiners. Expandable--two units can be linked together to form longer lengths. Standard 22” unit is longer than 3 connected units of other manufacturers. Folds to a 7” cube. Sideplates manufactured of alloy aluminum. Aluminum protective shafts prevent rope contact with abrasive surfaces.

  1. 611010  Standard A.T.E.P. Dimensions: 22” x 6” x 2 1/4” Weight: 38 oz.

  2. 611011  Long A.T.E.P. Dimensions: 30” x 6” x 2 1/4” Weight: 50 oz.

  3. 611012  Short A.T.E.P. Dimensions: 14” x 6” x 2 1/4” Weight: 26 oz.

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